Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Puji bagi Allah Rabb Al-'Aalameen, Selawat dan Salam untuk Baginda RasuluLlah, Ahlil Baytnya dan sahabatnya sekalian.

Semalam saya bercuti dan tinggal di rumah, baby-sit Amjad Mushaddeq. Ini kali kedua dalam tempoh tiga minggu sejak saya punyai firm sendiri. Dia happy sangat-sangat dan saya berasa satu kepuasan yang amat sangat. Masa saya lebih terluang untuk dia, isteri & keluarga. Bila lagi saya nak membalas jasa kedua-ibu bapa saya? Dan bila masa yang ada untuk saya lebih dekat dengan isteri dan anak. They are everything to me.

Sahaba, this is the beauty of being your own boss. The time is yours and the money is yours too. Actually money is not my main concern. Of course we all need money and I need money too. But it's not the purpose of our life rite? Correct me if I'm wrong. The main reason of me setting-up my own firm is to have absolute control of my time. I can do what ever I like when ever I need. Its entirely up to me. Isn't it beautiful? And the utmost essential reason is to serve Allah.

Remember, the reason Allah created us is TO SERVE HIM. Yes! That's the reason of us living in this 'alam. But don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that we all must quit our job and be our own employer to serve Allah. There are people who can still do their part in da'wah, jihad fi sabiiliLlah and give their whole lives for the cause of Islam while at the same time they work for others.

But it's not me. I can't be like them. It's my weakness. If I work for others (I mean be an employee) my freedom will be limited. I will go out as early as possible to 'cari rezeki' and will only go home in the evening - sometimes until very late in the evening, watch tv and then go to bed. The same routine starts again the next day and at the end of the month I will receive my salary and I'll spend it to settle my bills, makan and buy new clothes. Then the schedule repeats and I will be locked in the same routine over and over again.

That's why I resigned and set-up my own firm so that I can have freedom and I can serve Allah better, insya-Allah (please pray for me...). I pray that all of us, regardless of being our own boss or not, to serve Allah and to give our lives for the cause of Islam.

Nevertheless, I would also like to tell you sahaba, that this firm is not everything to me. It's just a tool for me to be near to Allah... amin.

Salam to all.

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