Thursday, January 22, 2009

Alhamdulillah, Solawah & salam to Rasoolullah, his Ahlil Bayts & Companions. As I write this posting temporary piece has been restored to Gaza.

On the last Friday sermon, the imam at our masjeed (mosque) neighbourhood touched on roles the masjeeds can play. He went on and on telling the Jumaat (Friday) congregation about how the masjeeds should and can play various roles in the society and not just to be a place to perform solat. I expected him to touch on the Gaza's massacre plus the masjeed's role in this issue.

However he did not even touch a bit on it nor did the other imam on the previous Jumaat sermon. Aren't this one of the many roles the masjeeds can play and should play? This type of mentality of our so called imams really disturbed me. In a very 'modest' word I would like to describe them as just 'the opposite of Fathanah'. This is only one examples from so many that I can show you. Other example is that they know that cleanliness is part of the Imaan, but see most of the masjeed's compound and judge by your selves. I believe I don't have to provide you more examples.

The problem with is that they knew but they did not practise what they knew. They knew that one of the Prophet's most important character is Fathanah yet they did not follow it....

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